AI can write in english. Now it’s learning other languages

Over the years, machines have learned how to generate acceptable bits and pieces of English. Advances in artificial intelligence have boosted these developments. The devices have now turned their attention to other languages.

For instance, there are AI language models with algorithms fluent in German, Italian, Spanish, and English. The algorithms build on recent advances in machine learning which enable machines to handle language with what seems like an accurate understanding.

The algorithms draw on what they learn from reading the web to develop logical articles on a given topic. Moreover, they can provide answers to general knowledge questions convincingly. However, the answers usually differ based on where the algorithm was developed.

For example, when you ask these algorithms “which is the best sports team in history,” they will answer based on their origin. For instance, a US-based model will tell you Chicago Bulls or New York Yankees is the best sports team in history.


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