CC LAB and NERO D’APE have joined together in an ethical project aimed at businesses, for the protection of the Sicilian black bee species, as well as supporting university studies, research and experiments specifically for health and wellbeing

By supporting the project, companies give a sustainable footprint to their business, ‘restoring a value to the Planet’ 

CC LAB is pleased to announce a project born from a collaboration with NERO D’APE, a Sicilian agricultural company of beekeepers, committed to safeguarding the species and producing organic Sicilian black bee honey.

The project, BLACK BEES MATTER, deals with issues related to sustainability and environmental protection, together with corporate social responsibility. These now concern the whole world, with a growing awareness that sustainable development and a better, cleaner environment are essential, in order to achieve a higher quality of life.

The role of bees in our ecosystem is fundamental for food production, the environment, the protection of biodiversity as well as for agriculture.  In relation to research on the subject of bees, it is important to consider three prevailing aspects: the protection of the species, the benefits deriving from hive products and the use of derivatives which, according to some studies, contribute to the wellbeing of people suffering from certain diseases.

BLACK BEES MATTER, has chosen the Sicilian black bee, for its history, its characteristics and its territoriality; it is the representative par excellence of the species, the environment and the ecosystem; a symbol of productivity and exclusivity. NERO D’APE, a purely organic and highly beneficial honey, is the result of its industrious work. The Sicilian black bee evokes the meaning of ‘nature to be protected’.

The project, BLACK BEES MATTER, aims to guide companies which support the initiative, along a journey, increasing their brand awareness and visibility in the reference market, by embracing an ethical cause: the protection of our Planet. By joining the project, the company gives a sustainable footprint to its business, ‘restoring a value to the Planet’ and thus increasing the perception of the company as ‘ecological’ by its target audience. In this ‘green’ perspective, eco-sustainability becomes a corporate value and environmental protection, one of the main missions.

The honey, NERO D’APE, cannot be bought or sold, but is intended exclusively for supporters of the project, as it is the result of a noble, nonprofit cause.

CC LAB and NERO D’APE, working together on an ethical project, for the protection of the species and the environment, providing specific support, in collaboration with Universities, Research Institutes and Associations, in order to make an important contribution to the field of well-being, health and healthcare.