DNA Lamborghini, the new ‘official book’ from the joint Lamborghini and D’Oro Collection project, the result of a CC LAB new business idea

Much more than a book, this is the meeting of two luxury brands that share a common value system focussed on Made in Italy standards

DNA Lamborghini is a unique book in its manufacturing, quality and content. In it, Antonio Ghini tells the story of the prestigious Sant’Agata Bolognese car manufacturer, which has always been synonymous with Made in Italy luxury and excellence.

The initial project, with CC LAB as strategic consultant for new business ideas, brought together Automobili Lamborghini and D’Oro Collection and was conceived and developed together by the three brands. The master craftsmen of the prestigious D’Oro Collection publishing house in Rome have been producing books of unparalleled value since 1965, destined for heads of state and government, civil and religious authorities and over time, becoming part of the cultural heritage.

The on-brand Lamborghini and D’Oro Collection project sees the coming together of two companies from the luxury market, who even before collaborating to create this exclusive ‘official book’, shared a common value system, based on superb craftsmanship, attention to detail and refined materials and production techniques.

DNA Lamborghini was born from this philosophy and brought to life as a new business idea proposed by CC LAB to the two luxury brands, who introduced them, helping them to understand their common values and then working alongside them providing know-how throughout the entire design process.

The journey began in 2017, and since then, CC LAB has worked tirelessly on the project’s feasibility, overseeing every aspect of its development, up to the book’s production, which is now available to buy across the world through a range of sales channels.

The DNA Lamborghini Made in Italy edition is completely hand-crafted with a 24-carat gold-plated gilt bronze emblem, Lamborghini Leonis leather finish and presented in a prestigious box with a central window of raw silk and complete with white gloves and a pure cashmere cloth.

With this project CC LAB has not only offered these two Made in Italy excellence brands a new business idea, but has reinforced its own business logic and concept, ‘the win-win project’, offering its customers win-win agreements, where each company involved sees real benefits and wins!