New Business Ideas, Know How, Faster With Sport, the CC LAB journey towards the Monza Open 2022 continues

ATP considers the new tennis tournament planned by CC LAB innovative and of great interest, a new business idea that blends sport and show business as it works to host an ATP 250 Series tournament on the world’s fastest racetrack.

Innovative and of interest for the world of professional tennis, those are ATP’s thoughts on the Monza Open 2022 project, a new business idea developed by CC LAB that would host an ATP 250 Series tournament in Monza Park. The race circuit would provide a unique setting for the central court, with spectators seated on the grandstands and in additional temporary structures set up on the short sides of the court.

CC LAB has the know-how to organise the event and will work with ATP over the coming months to ensure that the tournament can be held in Monza, in the summer of 2022. The Professional Tennis Association (ATP) has opened a working table with the organisers to find a feasible solution by the end of 2020.

The objective is to select a suitable date in 2022, over the May to July period.

The Monza Open 2022 will be the only event of its kind, hosted in the fastest of the international championship racetracks, and will feature Italy’s top tennis players, for a combination of sport and show business that will further strengthen the

New Business Ideas‘ and ‘Faster with Sport‘ concepts upheld by CC LAB. The project has already earned the favour and support of national and international businesses and brands, as well as of institutions in Lombardy.

CC LAB will therefore move forward with plans to create a unique and innovative tennis tournament in Italy, promoting the strong appeal of sport, show business, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.