«Sport is a great social elevator», and Italy – not just famous for football – has rewritten its own history – CC LAB shares this passion for Sport, enhancing the excellence of Made in Italy, which becomes a newly appreciated art


Italy – not just famous for football, but for Sport in general – has rewritten its history in recent months, after a complex period.

On 11 July, for the first time, two finals were played in the same country, in the same city and on the same day.

Wimbledon and Wembley hosted the Wimbledon Tennis Championship and the UEFA Euro 2020 Football Championship: Berrettini at Wimbledon at 2pm, the Italian athletes at Wembley at 8pm.

The emotions of tennis together with the euphoria of football, created a great, unique spectacle of Sport, tinged with national pride.

Berrettini, the first Italian tennis player to reach a Wimbledon final, came out with his head held high, to face Djokovic, the current tennis number one. He dragged him to the fourth set, entertaining and thrilling the whole world, with unprecedented media coverage. An exhilarating performance, which despite the finale, is a prelude to a career at the highest level.

Mancini’s National Team at Wembley, won the title of European Football Champions, beating England on penalties. This was the second European title for Italy – the first was in 1968! After extra time the result was still 1-1 , thanks to goals by Shaw and Bonucci. Italy then took the took advantage in the penalty lottery of the errors made by Rashford, Sancho and Saka, as well as Donnarumma’s excellent saves, to raise the cup to heaven.
The Champions of Europe and Berrettini, united to represent Sport under the ‘azure’ sky, in a unique ceremony at the Quirinale, with the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella and then at the Palazzo Chigi, with Prime Minister Draghi, in the presence of numerous dignitaries.

Draghi: «Sport is a great social elevator, a barrier to racism and a tool of cohesion especially in difficult moments like the ones we have recently experienced.»

Gravina, president of FIGC: «This National Team is the Italy that wants to restart; it is something beautiful, not only in the game, but in the values, as a starting point for the reforms of our world, as well as our country».
Malagò, president of CONI: «Italian Sport has never been so appreciated, we are incredibly proud».

In a scenario in which Made in Italy can be assimilated to an art of excellence in its various forms, CC LAB continues to carry on its concept of Faster with Sport. It shares a passion for Sport that arouses emotions and assumes a fundamental value, as a centre of world interest, with an element of cohesion, especially when associated with the exaltation of national supremacy and the constant search for Italian excellence to export.

Sport, together with Made in Italy, unleashes a synergy that opens up to interesting scenarios, heralding the next potential catalogue of New Business Ideas.