The CC Lab journey, in collaboration with ATP, continues towards the Monza Open 2022, with CC Lab meeting relevant institutions to talk about new open projects

On 7 September 2020, at the Municipality of Monza’s town hall, Sonja Iumiento and Claudio Scopece, Director and Business Development Manager of CC LAB respectively, met Dario Allevi, mayor of Monza, Andrea Arbizzoni, Councillor for Sports, and Giorgio Tarantola, future Technical Director of the event, with the aim of illustrating the production dynamics currently underway as part of the journey undertaken in close collaboration with ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) towards the Monza Open 2022.

For the same purpose, CC Lab representatives subsequently met with the top management of SIAS (Società Incremento Automobilismo e Sport) at the Monza Circuit.

CC Lab, thanks to its know-how, and also to the active contribution of ATP, continues working on the overall organisation of the Monza Open 2022, to ensure that the great game of tennis is included in the calendar of events for the celebration of the centenary of the Monza Circuit in 2022.

In these challenging times for the world, CC Lab continues to pursue its ‘Faster with Sport’ concept in tennis, committing to this project that combines business and sport, promoting New Business Ideas and heralding possible exciting sports news in the future.

The organisational machine keeps on moving towards the Monza Open 2022, and in the next weeks, we will report on how this unique project is developing.